Ultimate end game base 7 Days to Die


Starter Base If you don’t have a good base in 7 Days To Die the game will let you know by destroying it with a wave of zombies! Through trial and error I had designed a base that ticks all the boxes, it Is: Easy to build (you can start

Retrobright The Cheap Way (Removing Yellowing)


*Disclamer: This is not a guide. Hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous if treated incorrectly. Avoid touching your eyes, drinking it, keep away from Pets and Kids, wear safety goggles and old clothes. You might not get the same results I did, there are far better and more detail posts on

Top 10 Games Mislabelled As Survival Horror


I find it infuriating when people mislabel an action game with horror elements as a survival horror game, it is doing serious damage to the genre. We are losing survival horror games and one of the biggest problems is people don’t even realise it is happening. It has become far

Top 10 Zombie Games On The Xbox One


I’ve been obsessed with zombies ever since I was a kid when I first watched Dawn of the Dead and I always wanted to mix my love of zombies with my love of games! So I am on a mission to find the perfect zombie game, luckily for me the

Resident Evil 2 Remake: True Survival Horror?


Capcom are going to release a Resident Evil 2 Remake in the near future so JMMREVIEW decided to make a video with the help of miyakolover on why Resident Evil 2 should retain its Survival Horror gameplay in the remake. Click here to visit miyakolove’s Youtube Channel and check back


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