Rounding Up the Latest Fallout 4 DLC’s


Maybe you’ve been playing non-stop like I have for the past six months, or maybe you’re just wandering back to the Wasteland since the DLCs have come out. Either way, I’m sure these add-ons have been keeping you busy until Bethesda serves the main course in May – Far Harbor.

Fallout Survey


Hello, GoldenEdgeGamers! This week’s post is a little different from my usual. Pretty soon, I’ll be doing a research playthrough of the games in the Fallout series. The research I’m conducting will analyse language use in the games, as well as how language has (and hasn’t) evolved from standard American

Player vs. Reader: A Sibling Rivalry


Picture a stereotypical reader or bookworm. Society paints them as reserved, quiet introverts who are highly intelligent sponges of knowledge. Not a bad image at all, right? It’s very respectable. Now picture a stereotypical gamer. The image that comes to mind is probably someone sitting in front of a PC

Why Are Older Games So Difficult?


Games are not what they were 20 years ago. Gone are the days of blowing N64 cartridges to get them to work, hammering the ‘A’ button in a frustrated frenzy, and facing the same boss over and over. (Well, maybe not for some of us nostalgic ‘90s kids.) Technology continues


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