GoldenEdge Valentines


The good folks at GoldenEdge decided to spend their valentines day with the only important women in their life. JMMReview Okay so this certainly isn’t a subject I have given much thought because of the whole you know impossibility of it all but since you asked… The person I would

Nothing That Became Something But Still Nothing


“To conquer fear, you must become fear” – The Taken Man I don’t even know if that quote is right, I’m not gonna check it, I just wanted to write a blog thing and open it with a quote. I didn’t like Batman Begins. So there’s that. There’s really nothing

Adventures in Japanese – Week 1


How you all doing? I’m finally at the end of Week 1 and while I haven’t made any progress in understanding the Japanese language I can definitely say I’ve made some progress in Hiragana and Katakana! I don’t know all of Hiragana off the to top of my head but

Adventures in Japanese – Day Zero


I want to import Japanese games and if you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you also want to import Japanese games. Unfortunately I’m no expert in Japanese, I’m not even a beginner. However I have decided to start learning Japanese and I thought it would be fun to

Resident Evil 4,5,6, Reaction/Speculation


Too little, too late. Warning: Lots of speculation, assumptions, and wishful thinking ahead! I once made a thread on Resident Evil 4, just to mock the fact that it seems to be on every single console in existence, and now it’s coming to the current generation! Frankly, I’m not the

Mutants in Manhattan Impressions


Ninja Turtles? Really?! If you’re like me, you’re never too old to yell “cowabunga!”, eat some pizza, and enjoy a good TMNT game. For me, that experience has been limited to a play-through of the 1989 arcade game, and the 2009 remake of Turtles in Time. Good game based on

Nintendo NX Proposition


I think I have a solution for Nintendo’s home console troubles. They need a ReBoot console. If you think about it, just about anything in the entertainment industry that lasts longer than 30 years has reinvented itself with a self proclaimed fresh start and that is exactly what Nintendo needs

Five ways to fix Halo


So between streaming it recently, new trailers, reading about it, and discussing it on this forum, it’s safe to say that I have Halo on the brain once again. I can’t say I like it. The thought of continuing to play the steadily declining franchise past the 12-year mark makes


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