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Ultimate end game base 7 Days to Die


Starter Base If you don’t have a good base in 7 Days To Die the game will let you know by destroying it with a wave of zombies! Through trial and error I had designed a base that ticks all the boxes, it Is: Easy to build (you can start

GoldenEdge Valentines


The good folks at GoldenEdge decided to spend their valentines day with the only important women in their life. JMMReview Okay so this certainly isn’t a subject I have given much thought because of the whole you know impossibility of it all but since you asked… The person I would

Nothing That Became Something But Still Nothing


“To conquer fear, you must become fear” – The Taken Man I don’t even know if that quote is right, I’m not gonna check it, I just wanted to write a blog thing and open it with a quote. I didn’t like Batman Begins. So there’s that. There’s really nothing

Retrobright The Cheap Way (Removing Yellowing)


*Disclamer: This is not a guide. Hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous if treated incorrectly. Avoid touching your eyes, drinking it, keep away from Pets and Kids, wear safety goggles and old clothes. You might not get the same results I did, there are far better and more detail posts on

Top 10 Games Mislabelled As Survival Horror


I find it infuriating when people mislabel an action game with horror elements as a survival horror game, it is doing serious damage to the genre. We are losing survival horror games and one of the biggest problems is people don’t even realise it is happening. It has become far

WET – The Collection


The Collection is a series where I (MGNoxa) talk about games, new and old, mostly old, in an incredibly biased way/ I talked about my favourites, tell you why I love them, and hope that I can help you lot discover some new games. In the second episode of this

DC Rocks at Comic Con 2016


First of… Marvel did bugger all. We got a Doctor Strange trailer that felt like an alternate version of the first trailer, then some news and concept art of their other big movies. Some of it is interesting but the problem is, DC brought the big guns and Marvel tried

Bethesda E3 2016 Thoughts


I flew solo on the Bethesda E3 Event, so I’m only speaking for myself in this article. Things kicked off with an incredibly unexpected reveal of a new Quake game. I’ve had several people tell me Quake is going to happen and my response was “Never!” Even with all of

EA E3 2016 Thoughts


EA had their non-press conference event of E3 2016. Unfortunately it did not impress GoldenEdgeGamers. Things got off to a slow start and Titanfall 2 hit, while I personally thought it looked good and I’m eagerly awaiting to see more of the campaign, I can’t deny that it looked almost

Injustice 2 Trailer WTF?


Wow, I don’t know what to say, the trailer is cool, kinda, I guess, but everyone has Iron Man style suits. I was hoping for a more story focused trailer especially considering that was the best thing about Injustice, also I’m a little disappointed because the MKX reveal trailer gave

Agents of Mayhem – New Saints Row?


From the creators of Saints Row comes a brand new video game IP… Or does it? At first Agents of Mayhem looks like a silly action game which I’m going to assume is co-op, it’s all fun and games and not what we expected from Volition however things quickly heat

Batman Return to Arkham comparison


(NOTE – All screengrabs are taken from YouTube Videos so as a result they are blurrier than they are in game however the difference is still incredible) Comparing Return to Arkham – Arkham City to the PC version of Arkham City settings on highest. I apologise if the pictures aren’t

Persona 5 Finally Announced!


I’ve been falling behind on my JRPGs but I’m definitely not going to let the latest in the Persona series pass me by. Atlus held a stream all in Japanese and announced a Japanese release date 15/9/2016. We currently have no release date but the game will have a presence

Top 10 Zombie Games On The Xbox One


I’ve been obsessed with zombies ever since I was a kid when I first watched Dawn of the Dead and I always wanted to mix my love of zombies with my love of games! So I am on a mission to find the perfect zombie game, luckily for me the

Rounding Up the Latest Fallout 4 DLC’s


Maybe you’ve been playing non-stop like I have for the past six months, or maybe you’re just wandering back to the Wasteland since the DLCs have come out. Either way, I’m sure these add-ons have been keeping you busy until Bethesda serves the main course in May – Far Harbor.


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