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Fallout Survey


Hello, GoldenEdgeGamers! This week’s post is a little different from my usual. Pretty soon, I’ll be doing a research playthrough of the games in the Fallout series. The research I’m conducting will analyse language use in the games, as well as how language has (and hasn’t) evolved from standard American

Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter


I haven’t been a big fan of Fear Effect as long as most, I missed it on PS1 and didn’t hear of it until I stumbled upon the infamous or famous, depending on who you ask, elevator scene from Fear Effect 2. I bought them on PS3 and fell in

Final Fantasy XV Has Been Uncovered


Yep it’s truly been uncovered. We got new trailers, we got new footage, we got new news, we got new movies and we got new anime! Oh and a release date! September 30th! Boom! I don’t know where to begin… So much here to go through. Let’s start with the

Adventures in Japanese – Week 4


I made a mistake… Week 3 wasn’t posted… You see I wasn’t happy with Week 2 and I didn’t want another repeat so I attempted to turn Week 3 into a game, something interesting for me to write and hopefully for you to read, however I scrapped it and went

Player vs. Reader: A Sibling Rivalry


Picture a stereotypical reader or bookworm. Society paints them as reserved, quiet introverts who are highly intelligent sponges of knowledge. Not a bad image at all, right? It’s very respectable. Now picture a stereotypical gamer. The image that comes to mind is probably someone sitting in front of a PC

Adventures in Japanese – Week 2


This is probably going to be my shortest post while I’m on this adventure, at least I hope it will be. You see, now I’ve finished the Hiragana and Katakana (not fully memorised but I’m getting there) I don’t have any updates to give you or any predictions. That doesn’t

Why Are Older Games So Difficult?


Games are not what they were 20 years ago. Gone are the days of blowing N64 cartridges to get them to work, hammering the ‘A’ button in a frustrated frenzy, and facing the same boss over and over. (Well, maybe not for some of us nostalgic ‘90s kids.) Technology continues

International Women’s Day on GoldenEdge


Here at GoldenEdge we’ve decided to celebrate International Women’s Day using video games, that means we’re picking our favourite female characters from gaming. Be sure to let us know you’re favourites because we’re only choosing five out of the wide variety of women in gaming. This list is in no

Adventures in Japanese – Week 1


How you all doing? I’m finally at the end of Week 1 and while I haven’t made any progress in understanding the Japanese language I can definitely say I’ve made some progress in Hiragana and Katakana! I don’t know all of Hiragana off the to top of my head but

Overwatch Release Date Revealed


May 24th That’s when we will finally be able to play Blizzard’s new shooter. May 24th. At first I had no excitement for Overwatch, it certainly had my attention with it’s awesome cinematic trailer and brilliant Blizzard character designs but the lack of a console release meant playing it was

Live Action Trailers Done Right


I love trailers, I really like to look at them almost as if they are their own art form. The way they’re made, why certain clips are chosen, what the goal of the trailer is and did it accomplish it? Video Games get a lot of trailers, tons, but remember

Pokemon Sun & Moon


Not much is currently known about Pokemon Sun and Moon versions. They are launching late this year, and will allow you to transfer Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow versions on virtual console to Sun and Moon via the Pokebank. We’ll keep this page fresh as more info arrives. For now, check out

Resident Evil 4, 5, 6 Remastered for PS4/XBone


Update: Games will release digitally at £15.99 So I’m a massive Resident Evil fan, actually I’m a Resident Evil fanboy. I love everything Resident Evil. The characters and the story are what have me hooked, they are the reasons I buy every Resident Evil. That’s why today is awesome because

Senran Kagura Estival Versus Release Date!


Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls 3, two of the most anticipated games of the year just had trailers drop, but today I’m embracing the weeaboo because my number one most anticipated game just had it’s release date announced and a trailer to accompany it! Hell yeah! March 18th in the

Bioshock Collection Coming to PS4/XBone/PC?


2013 was an awesome year for gaming, it was also the year when two incredibly awesome female characters were introduced, Ellie from The Last of Us and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Needless to say, like most things on the internet, a war broke out between the fans of who was

Quantum Break Has Gone Gold


Quantum Break the game that decided to add Iceman from the X-Men to it’s cast has gone gold. Gone GOLD #QuantumBreak @remedygames — Sam Lake (@SamLakeRMD) February 19, 2016 It’s nice to see games go gold over a month before their release because it gives me confidence that the

Fallout 4 DLC


Bethesda has finally announced it’s plans for the first wave of DLC for Fallout 4. The DLC includes bot building, creature taming, and a whole new map and story to experience, and it’s all coming this spring. Here’s the lowdown… Automatron – Hunt Robots, kill robots, build robots!!! Price: $9.99

New Nintendo Selects


Update: This has been confirmed by Nintendo. All games in the promotion will be $19.99 in the states and $29.99 in Canada. Check stores in your region for prices and availability. ——- A rogue tweet has outed a pretty legit looking advertisement for another handful of discounted re-prints of select

Top 10 Romances in Gaming


Happy early Valentines Day! It’s time to celebrate love with the Top 10 Romances in video games. If you know me, which you probably don’t because this is my first post on this site… But! Soon you’ll see that I have some odd tastes so get prepared for a list

Resident Evil 2 Remake: True Survival Horror?


Capcom are going to release a Resident Evil 2 Remake in the near future so JMMREVIEW decided to make a video with the help of miyakolover on why Resident Evil 2 should retain its Survival Horror gameplay in the remake. Click here to visit miyakolove’s Youtube Channel and check back


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