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Bioshock Collection Coming to PS4/XBone/PC?

Bioshock Collection Coming to PS4/XBone/PC?
2013 was an awesome year for gaming, it was also the year when two incredibly awesome female characters were introduced, Ellie from The Last of Us and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Needless to say, like most things on the internet, a war broke out between the fans of who was the best sidekick character… I was Team Elizabeth. For all you Team Elizabeth fans out there I’ve got some good news. Last year rumours hit that Bioshock Infinite was going to be remastered and now it looks like those rumours were true but it’s better than that, we’re getting a Bioshock Collection. It’s not clear what’s in the collection because all we have is a Brazilian classification for the game but it’s coming. To give ...


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