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Call of Duty Infinite and Modern Warfare Revealed

Call of Duty Infinite and Modern Warfare Revealed
We’ve known for a while that the next Call of Duty will have some sort of space theme and it turns out it will still very much be Call of Duty but with a hint of space, hopefully this will change after E3 Demos and other trailers but right now you can call me disappointed. I think it’s time Call of Duty takes a step back and changes it’s formulae, all out warfare is getting boring and the space setting could’ve provided us a deeper look into a few characters travelling from planet to planet in a middle of a war between two giant armies. Instead we get the normal Call of Duty business. I’m not saying it’s time for Call of Duty to stop the ...

Are we ruining our favorite franchises?

Are we ruining our favorite franchises?
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of the term “Vote with your dollars”? Rhetorical! I know you have. The better question is, do you? Vote with your dollars? Yes! The answer is “yes”, you do. Okay last question. For real this time. What are you voting for? It’s about that time of year again. Should be just next month more and we will be getting an official announcement that the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise is only 9 months away! You should be on the edge of your seat for more explosions, bangs, pops, and sizzles than you can throw a Flash Bang at. Grab your wallet and get your pre-order locked in for the super premium edition because this one, yes this game will knock your socks off, it’s better than the next Mass Effect, Halo, and Half-Life combined. This is the one ...


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