GoldenEye 007


Goldeneye 360: A Failure to Launch

Goldeneye 360: A Failure to Launch
Oh where to begin with this case. I got it! The beginning! Making History The year was 1997. Most of the way through a hot summer dry spell the video game industry was in a state of suspension awaiting the next big game to revolutionize the industry. Then came Goldeneye 007 and in a way, nothing was ever the same again. The Nintendo 64 finally had it’s 3rd party killer app and man was it a killer. This one game revolutionized the way first-person shooters were played on consoles and proved that the genre wasn’t just for PC. It set the record for most copies sold in it’s genre, a record that wouldn’t be broken for another 7 years. It later won the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science Game of the Year Award for 1997 and has been placed at the number one spot of many a Top Ten list since. ...


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