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Five ways to fix Halo

Five ways to fix Halo
So between streaming it recently, new trailers, reading about it, and discussing it on this forum, it’s safe to say that I have Halo on the brain once again. I can’t say I like it. The thought of continuing to play the steadily declining franchise past the 12-year mark makes me alittle edgy. I mean, it’s not like it’s changing for the better. It’s barely changing at all. This fact had me asking the question “what would the next Halo game need to get me excited?” and after alot of thought, I’ve whittled it down to five key things that would pull the franchise off the COD clone path and into something unique and exciting again. 1. Greater freedom of movement: So, I played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare last year. It was pretty much more of the same accept for a few functions brought about by the Exo Suit ...


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