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Mutants in Manhattan Impressions

Mutants in Manhattan Impressions
Ninja Turtles? Really?! If you’re like me, you’re never too old to yell “cowabunga!”, eat some pizza, and enjoy a good TMNT game. For me, that experience has been limited to a play-through of the 1989 arcade game, and the 2009 remake of Turtles in Time. Good game based on the franchise are few and far between. It’s debatable, but for two decades, unless you’re a die hard TMNT fan, the Ninja Turtles has probably fallen off your gaming radar, and for good reason. There just haven’t been very many good Ninja Turtles games. If a new trailer and a leaked achievement list are to be believed, Platinum Games is out to change that with Mutants in Manhattan. Now, there is a good chance this could be yet another mediocre Ninja Turtle game but there is also good reason to believe this one could be different. Mutants in Manhattan is ...


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