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Turok Enhanced Interview with Sam Villarreal from Night Dive Studios

Turok Enhanced Interview with Sam Villarreal from Night Dive Studios
Turok the dinosaur hunter has been and enhanced by Night Dive Studios, JMMREVIEW caught up with lead developer Sam Villarreal. Improved level design JMMREVIEW: I was really shocked when I turned a corner on the first level to find an area had changed! Can you please settle a debate, did the first area change so you could remove the auto-shotgun or was there a different reason? Sam Villarreal: The reason was because players who are new to the game will almost be guaranteed to miss the 2nd key, which is hidden in such a obscured area. Also most keys in Turok are usually placed in grand-scale areas protected by enemies and whatnot. The location of that 2nd key just felt really underwhelming so I wanted to revamp that section and make it more of a grand entrance, as if that key is really well protected. Also the ...


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