Top 10 Zombie Games On The Xbox One


I’ve been obsessed with zombies ever since I was a kid when I first watched Dawn of the Dead and I always wanted to mix my love of zombies with my love of games! So I am on a mission to find the perfect zombie game, luckily for me the

Rounding Up the Latest Fallout 4 DLC’s


Maybe you’ve been playing non-stop like I have for the past six months, or maybe you’re just wandering back to the Wasteland since the DLCs have come out. Either way, I’m sure these add-ons have been keeping you busy until Bethesda serves the main course in May – Far Harbor.

Fallout Survey


Hello, GoldenEdgeGamers! This week’s post is a little different from my usual. Pretty soon, I’ll be doing a research playthrough of the games in the Fallout series. The research I’m conducting will analyse language use in the games, as well as how language has (and hasn’t) evolved from standard American

Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter


I haven’t been a big fan of Fear Effect as long as most, I missed it on PS1 and didn’t hear of it until I stumbled upon the infamous or famous, depending on who you ask, elevator scene from Fear Effect 2. I bought them on PS3 and fell in


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