Call of Duty Infinite and Modern Warfare Revealed


We’ve known for a while that the next Call of Duty will have some sort of space theme and it turns out it will still very much be Call of Duty but with a hint of space, hopefully this will change after E3 Demos and other trailers but right now you can call me disappointed.

Infinite Warfare Space Combat

I think it’s time Call of Duty takes a step back and changes it’s formulae, all out warfare is getting boring and the space setting could’ve provided us a deeper look into a few characters travelling from planet to planet in a middle of a war between two giant armies.

Instead we get the normal Call of Duty business. I’m not saying it’s time for Call of Duty to stop the all out warfare, no, but with three developers working on three games and each one getting released year after year. I think they need to start varying the titles because right now they’re all bleeding into one another.

Who is she? Is she as important as the trailer suggests? She's certainly not the player character.

Who is she? Is she as important as the trailer suggests? She’s certainly not the player character.

Also why does the trailer focus on the female soldier so much? We know we’re playing as Reyes who is a dude so who is this woman? Is she also playable? This brings me onto my biggest problem with the trailer (outside of the disappointment that it’s the same old same old.) It’s incredibly messy. There’s no set up, there’s no introductions, there’s no protagonist or antagonist, there’s no hints at what the space part of the game means and it focuses on a non-player character for no good reason. Let’s just stick a cover of a David Bowie song on because he’s relevant now and have a bunch of explosions.

I used to love the Call of Duty series which is why this stings so much.

Lastly we got a teaser for the Modern Warfare Remaster which looks almost like a full remake when it comes to the graphics. While I’m not exactly that excited about revisiting an old Call of Duty that isn’t WW2 (I love COD4 but I’m burnt out on Modern Military Shooters) I can’t deny that COD4 looks far better in just the few seconds we see of it. The presentation of it just pours with quality and finesse and that’s something that’s lacking from Infinite Warfare.

Hopefully the gameplay demos will get me excited. Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Written by: MGNoxa

Gamer and erm Gamer.

  • Blade Runner 07

    What they have shown of Modern Warfare Remastered looks good. I do hope when tinkering with graphics they do so with the entire game. It would be nice if they would fix the respawning enemies issue. COD4 was challenging on veteran, but having to make a run for a lucky checkpoint out of desperation from infinite enemies was the biggest distraction from an otherwise well paced story.

    As for Infinite Warfare, it looks very run of the mill. It could be a sequel to Black Ops 3 or Advanced Warfare. It looks just like those games.


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