Persona 5 Finally Announced!


I’ve been falling behind on my JRPGs but I’m definitely not going to let the latest in the Persona series pass me by.

Atlus held a stream all in Japanese and announced a Japanese release date 15/9/2016. We currently have no release date but the game will have a presence at E3 and will most likely have it’s western release announced at the Sony Press Conference.

You may of noticed that the 15th of September is awfully close to Final Fantasy XV, yeah that sucks but I think it’s incredibly ballsy of Atlus to release this game so close to such a titan of a game. It just shows you how popular the series is becoming because they are daring to take on Final Fantasy head on. Ballsy man, ballsy.

Persona 5 box art

While Atlus is currently undergoing a censorship controversy with the recent Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Wii U, I think it’s important not to jump to conclusions and assume Persona 5 will be censored. I know it’s hard not to assume the bikini is going to be censored, but don’t worry. Nintendo own TMS and it has Fire Emblem in it, that’s why the game is censored.

To give more evidence of this, look at Atlus’ other games. None have been censored. Sure some have had little changes here and there and Dungeon Travellers had to have cuts in order to not get an Adult Only rating. The Persona 4 Dancing All Night game still had the revealing outfits and fanservice DLC.

The dancing spinoff still featured heavy amounts of fanservice and bikini DLC. It Released in November 2015.

The dancing spinoff still featured heavy amounts of fanservice and bikini DLC. It Released in November 2015.

In short don’t worry about Persona 5’s localisation. Atlus hasn’t given us a reason to worry yet and most likely won’t. Release date expected to be announced at E3 2016. I’m hyped. Here’s hoping for a 2016 release.

Written by: MGNoxa

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