Battlefield 5 is Battlefield 1 Set in World War 1


While I thought the naming of the Xbox One was dumb, why go One? I understood the logic behind it and I gotta admit it’s kinda smart, but it still doesn’t change the fact it’s a dumb name. I do not have that problem with Battlefield 1, you see we’ve gone to World War 1 and Battlefield since the third game in the series has been in need of a reinvention or some sort of reboot to get it back to what made it so popular, that’s why 1 is brilliant.

Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

In the trailer we see a lot of typical World War 1 things although not as much trench warfare as I expected, probably a hard thing to show off and for the sake of variety limited to a few maps. We also see some horse riding which was a big part of WW1 as well as some exotic locales and they give me all sorts of Lawrence of Arabia flashbacks.

As you can probably tell I’m pretty excited about the World War 1 setting, I’m a little worried about the singleplayer campaign because let’s face it, Battlefield hasn’t even had a campaign that’s the same level as the worst of the Call of Duty campaigns. Hopefully Dice can turn things around with this.

Battlefield 1 has a chance of exploring a War that is rarely explored in media as well put us right in the front lines. This war really messed people up, it’s arguably a more violent and horrific war than WW2, this lends itself to great story telling and hopefully Dice utilise this and don’t just make an explosive shiny hollywood version. The trailer doesn’t give me much hope for that though.

Bring on the World War 1! I can’t wait to see some gameplay which will be probably be revealed at E3 but if the behind closed doors impressions are anything to go by, it sounds promising.

Written by: MGNoxa

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