Batman Return to Arkham comparison


(NOTE – All screengrabs are taken from YouTube Videos so as a result they are blurrier than they are in game however the difference is still incredible)

Comparing Return to Arkham – Arkham City to the PC version of Arkham City settings on highest. I apologise if the pictures aren’t exact matches, lining them up took a long time and downloading the videos would’ve reduced the quality greater.

The trailer for Return to Arkham also fades to black every other second so some images may appear darker than the in-game images.

Harley Quinn – PC
PC harley

Harley Quinn – PS4
PS4 Harley

Catwoman – PC
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 14.29.48

Catwoman – PS4
PS4 Catwoman

Catwoman – PC
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 14.36.21

Catwoman – PS4
PS4 Catwoman

As you can see this is more than a simple remaster and is more akin to the Gears of War or Halo Anniversary games however the leap isn’t as big as those and we aren’t getting remade cutscenes. The focus depth also seems to be quite severe on the remastered games, I’m not sure how I feel about that but hopefully it’s something that can be cleaned up before release. This game was rumoured to be announced almost a month ago and released in mid June. Both it’s announcement and release date are a month later.

Interesting to note that Catwoman’s outfit has been altered to match her Arkham Knight look, the texture and colouring has been redone. Outfits aren’t the only thing the to change but the shading also gives it an almost cel shaded look.

My biggest criticism of Arkham Knight was the realistic graphics, I thought it was silly to drop the art style for the final game in a trilogy so I’m glad to see that the remasters aren’t just making the games look better but also emphasising the slightly cartoony art style that I loved. I didn’t compare Arkham Asylum in this but the new graphics really make it look great.

Also the trailer is not in 60fps, is that a mistake on Sony’s part not uploading the trailer in 60fps or is the remaster a 30fps remaster? I’m fine with 30fps especially with brand new graphics such as these.

Return to Arkham releases July 26th on PS4 and Xbox One.

Written by: MGNoxa

Gamer and erm Gamer.

  • jmmreivew

    Oh wow the graphics do look much better on the PS4, nice to see consoles looking better for a change. Trust you to zone in on the women of the game for screenshots. 😛

    • MGNoxa



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