Mute64’s Portable Arcade Machine aka PAM


So i have done a bit of an updated video showcasing my setup, i uploaded two videos one with comentary and one with out since i may put you to sleep with my voice.

Each video has time stamps in the VIDEO DESCRIPTION so you do not have to scrub thru the video your self or watch parts that do not interest you.

No commentary


My idea behind this PC or HTPC was to have a ” console killer ” pc the size of a console that could play a range of games from the latest AAA titles to all the Retro games i can get my hands on. I wanted the interface to be easy to navigate and to look good, so i went with Kodi as the main front-end with the theme experience360 to give you that Xbox 360 feel.I have Kodi launch over/before windows explorer via a RegEdit hack so you never see windows, giving you a more immersive ” console ” feel. I also wanted it to be portable hence why i have chosen a small case, this case is perfect to travel with it fits in my back pack and has a carry handle on top make it very easy to pick up and take to a mates place and jam out some local multiplayer games…. which i am actually doing tonight.

The PC case im using is the Lian-Li PCTU 100, it is pretty much the smallest PC case you can build in, here are some comparison pictures

I have 6 xbox controllers hooked up into the system with two of them being wireless and the rest wired i also have a nifty chatpad that can come in hand when browsing the interwebs via the couch, i also have 4 N64 pc controllers as well and a ps3 Bluetooth remote that has a but tone of buttons that you can custom assign, for example i have recording buttons, volume button, ALT TAB button, and yea like many other buttons setup on the remote that come in handy.

Mute64’s Collection – LaunchBox Games Database

Written by: Mute64


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