Final Fantasy XII Remaster Announced + Comparison


Final Fantasy XII HD was rumoured quite a while ago, at one of the Final Fantasy music concerts it was accidentally let slip that they were working it. They tried to cover it up but with the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake later that year it made some question whether he just got Final Fantasy games mixed up.

Well, here we are and Final Fantasy XII HD is real and it looks beautiful. Final Fantasy X HD had the disadvantage of being released early in the PS2 lifespan but it ended up looking quite nice on PS4 (hint Lulu hint.) Final Fantasy XII was already a looker on PS2 and it looks like they’ve done much more to this game than anyone could hope for, way more than Final Fantasy X HD and I think we were all expecting another remaster like X HD.

Here’s some comparison screenshots, the screenshots are from a YouTube video of a HD emulation of Final Fantasy XII so they look a bit better than it did on PS2, also because the screenshots are from YouTube expect them to be a bit blurrier than what they would be in game.


Final Fantasy XII PS2


Pretty good right? The character models are amazing.

Like Final Fantasy X HD we are also getting a redone soundtrack, however purists there’s no need to fret as the original soundtrack is also available as well as Japanese voices!

The release date is quite a bit aways away which is disappointing but it makes sense with Final Fantasy XV releasing this year, however it does make me wonder why they would announce this remaster so soon because if FFXV reviews bad won’t a lot of gamers just wait for the good Final Fantasy coming out next year?

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