Injustice 2 Trailer WTF?


Wow, I don’t know what to say, the trailer is cool, kinda, I guess, but everyone has Iron Man style suits.

I was hoping for a more story focused trailer especially considering that was the best thing about Injustice, also I’m a little disappointed because the MKX reveal trailer gave us hints at the new gameplay but this trailer just shows our beloved superheroes transforming, I needed more context.

Ignoring the story of Injustice and ignoring the fact that the MKX reveal trailer was better… I got to say this trailer disappoints. It feels rushed and poorly put together and if I didn’t know what Injustice was I woulda thought this was for a mobile game.

I’m still hyped because we’re going to be getting gameplay soon but like with MKX it wouldn’t be surprising if the story stuff is left till the final few weeks leading up to it’s launch.

It’s been confirmed we will have new characters such as Gorilla Grodd as well as allowing us to customise our favourite heroes, maybe that explains why everyone has transforming armour?


Written by: MGNoxa

Gamer and erm Gamer.

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    Hard to imagine what else they could do with the existing roster besides add a power-up element via the suits. A bigger roster is expected. I’m little surprised this sequel even exists.


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