DC Rocks at Comic Con 2016


First of… Marvel did bugger all. We got a Doctor Strange trailer that felt like an alternate version of the first trailer, then some news and concept art of their other big movies. Some of it is interesting but the problem is, DC brought the big guns and Marvel tried to sail on good will. I don’t blame Marvel for that, they’re coming off the success of Civil War and are probably saving all their good stuff for their own event later in the year.

We got a trailer for Wonder Woman, we all knew this would be happening but it looks hell of a lot better than I could’ve imagined… Except for the dodgy cgi Gal Gadot face on her stunt double, that looks terrible, it really does. Hopefully it looks better by the time the film comes out but it’s probably a result of first time action movie director Patty Jenkins. However for a first time action director, damn it certainly looks good.

Notice in the trailer she says she was brought to life by Zeus? Well in some stories Wonder Woman was made out of clay and brought to life. While many know that story, the current version of Wonder Woman in the comics is the daughter of Zeus and we know the gods are in this movie and Justice League… My guess is that Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus and it’s being kept a secret.

We also got a pretty badass Wonder Woman poster that perfectly embodies the character, it looks like the filmmakers behind the movie, including the marketing team, really have a solid feel on the character.

Wonder Woman poster

Then as a surprise we got Justice League. It was obvious Justice League will be talked about and I was certain Comic Con would get an exclusive 30 second teaser but nope, we got a full blown trailer. At first it looked like all we would get was concept art but god dammit they released and almost 3 minute long trailer and it’s amazing. There’s no action but remember they only started filming in April and the CGI and more stunt heavy scenes probably aren’t ready for public viewing yet.

Justice League, is full of humour, something mainstream audiences want but it still has that Zack Snyder style that I loved in BvS. This is clearly a sequel and I love it. Aquaman dudes! I knew Jason Momoa was a good pick.

Here’s a pic of the famous group together. It’s worth pointing out that Superman will have long hair in this movie and Henry Cavill has been spotted at Comic Con with slightly longer hair.

Justice League

Warner Bros also released another Suicide Squad trailer but I refuse to talk about it and post it because it’s 3 minutes long and the movie is less than 2 weeks away! They’re already releasing character specific trailers and showing off way too much of the movie now. Go find it on Warner Bros’ YouTube channel if you want to watch it.

Okay I caved in, I could not not watch it… It’s incredible. It’s not the best Suicide Squad trailer and it certain shows off way too much but it looks terrific.

Dat Quinn doe…

DC really blew it out of the water this year, after DC’s performance last year where they rocked the show I didn’t think it was possible for us (viewers at home) to get another great showing but we did. I’ve been saying 2016 is the year to be a DC fan but no, now it’s 2017.

Written by: MGNoxa

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