Top 10 Games Mislabelled As Survival Horror


I find it infuriating when people mislabel an action game with horror elements as a survival horror game, it is doing serious damage to the genre. We are losing survival horror games and one of the biggest problems is people don’t even realise it is happening. It has become far too common and accepted to hear people say things like “I love survival horror games my favourite is Resident Evil 4”. (to clarify I love Resident Evil 4 and it is one of the best ACTION games on the GameCube)

The most recent example of this mislabelling is with We Happy Few, Compulsion Games the games creators have publicly said the game is not a survival horror game and much to their dismay people continue to refer to it as a survival horror game.

This might not seem like a big deal, especially to gamers who aren’t interested in the genre but I fear we will completely lose survival horror if this continues. There is a theory that neanderthals didn’t go extinct they just interbred with humans so much there were none left and I fear this will happen with survival horror games, they will be swallowed up by action games with horror elements and will never return to its former glory.

In an effort to highlight this problem I decided to list ten of the most common games that get mislabelled as survival horror If you know any more games please feel free to list them or if you disagree I would like to hear from you.

I hope you will get a chance to watch the video where I explain why these games are not survival horror but here is the list of the 10 games in my video.

  • 1. Evil Within
  • 2. Dead space
  • 3. Eternal Darkness
  • 4. Resident Evil 5
  • 5. Resident Evil 4
  • 6. Left 4 Dead
  • 7. Back in 1995
  • 8. Alan Wake
  • 9. Bio Shock
  • 10. We happy few
  • Written by: JMMREVIEW

    I’m an N64 gamer at heart but these days I relive old games on my Xbox and PC. Also a huge fan of survival horror games and all things zombie!


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