Resources For Starter Base – 7 Days To Die Guide Part 2


I have tried to keep my started base as simple as possible, using minimal resources but at the same time this base can be expanded upon in future to become the best fortress I could think of with my experience of the game. This way if you are new to the game or you are starting a new world and you need to quick structure with very few resources then this is perfect for you.
What you will need and where do you get it?
Here’s a shopping list of the resources you need for my starter base.
Clay = look for grey spots on the map and get digging!
Sand = river banks or deserts are the best place to look
Stone = boulders or mining
Wood = I’m not going to explain how to get wood (pun intended)
Iron = boulders or underground If you want to upgrade your tools you will need iron and eventually you will want to upgrade your base and spikes with iron.
Coal = pro tip for collecting coal you can mine it but often you will find in just right out in the open it shows up on your map as a black spot. (you don’t need coal for this base build but it is good to have some for torches)

Tools Upgraded
I would recommended you upgrade your tools at least a little before you start collection resources. I know I said I wanted to show a great base with limited resources but better quality tools will save so much time and be more efficient. See video for details!

Written by: JMMREVIEW

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