Ultimate end game base 7 Days to Die


Starter Base

If you don’t have a good base in 7 Days To Die the game will let you know by destroying it with a wave of zombies! Through trial and error I had designed a base that ticks all the boxes, it Is:

  • Easy to build (you can start as soon as you start playing with only wood)
  • Modular so you can expand to it as you play.
  • My approach to building a base is different to other’s I have seen on YouTube, I don’t attend to attempt to and build some an indestructible in fact these type of bases are kind of boring to me. I actually want the zombies to break in and fight them, they have to be dealt with eventually so you are only really delaying the inevitable anyway.

    Base Upgrade 1

    In this upgrade video I build the second module for my ultimate base I am using brick for my external walls and wood for the flooring, this is exactly the same as my starter base except with brick walls and iron spikes it will be much more secure against the large hordes. Another advantage to using brick is that it can be upgraded to concrete very easily later on.

    Click on the images below to view them larger in your browser and if you have any questions feel free to comment on this article or on the YouTube video.

    Written by: JMMREVIEW

    I’m an N64 gamer at heart but these days I relive old games on my Xbox and PC. Also a huge fan of survival horror games and all things zombie!


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