Why do developers keep changing genre? (FFVII Remake)


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Games that change genre are one of the biggest problems in gaming today, worse still there is a new problem, one that threatens game preservation and gaming history. I am talking about game remakes that don’t resemble the original game. I bet you can’t name another remake besides Final Fantasy 7 to change genre and that is why this is so important, it could set a president which is a scary thought. If it is only happening to FFVII that we know of, why is this such an issues? There is another game remake in development right now, what if Capcom looked at FFVII and think well if Square Enix can do it why can’t we? Let’s just make Resident Evil 2 Remake an action game. That is my worst fear.

I want to stress something because this topic could derail very quickly.
There is a huge difference between a game series changing genre and a remaking changing genre.

I just want to make that distinction because the fact that it is now happening to remakes is far worse than the now common practise of it happening to a series.
Let me draw another analogy imagine if George Lucas (or Disney) announced tomorrow that he/they are going to remake the original Star Wars movies but instead of Sci Fi as the films genre he/they are going to make them romantic comedies set in modern day New York called “Finding Love In Alderaan Places” people would be pretty pissed.

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Here are 3 problems with this scenario and they apply to both Finding Love In Alderaan Places and Final Fantasy 7.
1. People could argue that this takes away from the original series (I don’t personally worry about this point but I can see how people would feel this could undermine the original work)
2. People who are new to the game/movie might write the rest of series off because they don’t like this remake.
3. If you are going to remake, reboot or reimagined a series then do it don’t use its name to generate interest and then release a completely different game. If you are going to create an entity different experience then why not just make a new IP.

So those are my thoughts on FFIIV changing genre I think it is one of the great tragedy’s in gaming and one that is going on where either people don’t notice or don’t care. I would like to hear other people’s opinions and debate the topic in the comments of the video or whatever website you happen to find it on. Afterwards I will make a follow up video on this topic.
I know I said I didn’t want the comments to derail but it is inevitable that sequels will come up and that is a much broader issues that also needs to be address. I have list a few of stand out examples.

Survival Horror To Action
Dino Crisis => Dino Crisis 2
Resident Evil Zero => Resident Evil 4

RPG to Survival Horror
Parasite Eve 1 => PE2

Red Faction 1 & 2 => Red Faction 3

2D to 3D
Duke Nukem => Duke Nukem 3D
Metroid series => Metroid Prime trilogy
Fallout 1&2 => Fallout 3
Grand Theft Auto 2 => Grand Theft Auto 3
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past => Majora’s Mask

Stealth To Action
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker => Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter => Ghost Recon Wildlands

Rail Shooter To Action Adventure
Star Fox 64 => Star Fox Adventures => *Star Fox Assault (*back to rail shooter)


Written by: JMMREVIEW

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