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Short Take: Pokemon LeafGreen Version


Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Versions are remakes of the games that turned every Game Boy into a “Pokemon machine”. Yes. After you put that cartridge into you Game Boy you never played the Game Boy again. Just Pokemon. It becomes the Pokemon machine and you forget that it can even play other games. This effect proved true for me and my Game Boy Advance in 2004 these remakes of the original games.

Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen Version Trainers

The remake stays true to the original enough that most nostalgic gamers won’t be able to tell the difference short of new graphics and a few extra features that don’t add much to the game. That’s a good thing though. Pokemon Red & Blue Versions were insanely addictive role playing games in the 90’s. They featured one of the deepest leveling and combat systems of any title of the same genre. It sold 25 million units, spawned countless sequels, spin offs, and a even a Saturday morning cartoon. It has been one of the most popular role playing franchise for 15 years running and shows no sighs of stopping with it continually rejuvenation it’s tried and true formula with each iteration. Certainly not the best in the series but this GBA title is a worthy remake. Anyone suffering from chronic poke-fever or a new comers looking to find out what started the craze would do themselves a great service to start here.

Because I gotta catch em’ all again, I give Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Version a 9/10.

Note: This is the first (certainly not the last) in the “Short Take” series of reviews. The concept is to look at games with “What can we say that hasn’t already been said?” in mind and produce a score based on general thoughts rather than in-depth explanation on how a well known game came to be.

The Good

  • Updated Graphics
  • Streamlined Mechanics
  • Playable female trainer

The Bad

  • Odd variety of new monsters
  • No SparkYellow Version

Written by: BladeRunner07


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